Several years ago I decided that I needed to stop saying, “I’ll travel when I’m older,” and freaking do it! As a result, here is a chronicle of my travels. If you know me at all, I’m not “braggy.” All blogs are a bit egotistical in nature. However, I would like to just share these experiences as my personal record, and perhaps inspire people to experience new cultures and take adventures.


Rome, Italy (2014)

Sperlonga, Italy (2014)

Venice, Italy (2014)

Florence, Italy (2014)

Vatican City (2014)

Munich, Germany (2014)

Austria (2014)

Seattle, Washington (2013)

Seattle, Washington (2013)

Portland, Oregon (2013)

New York (2012)

Florida (2012)

New York City, 2011

Martha’s Vineyard, MA. 2012
Austin, TX. 2012
Destin, FL. 2012. My beautiful, yet mentally challenged, dog, Opie.
Lyon, France. 2011. My favorite cathedral, ever.
Paris, France. 2011
Phoenix, AZ. 2011- View from the Wrigley’s mansion.
Seattle, WA. 2010
Los Angels CA, 2010

20120730-111748.jpgNotre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, 12/2011


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