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November 12th:

Image result for leah remini troublemaker

I am obsessed with Scientology and Leah Remini… Yes, I’ll admit, I just joined a book club (gays and girls book club) and what is our first book?? That’s right, Troublemaker. BOOM. 

November 4th:

Found here

Now that I’m working from home I will slowly begin to build my office… Well, Nick and I have a combined office, so I guess our office.

And this one, which I saw in person and it is beautiful:

Mid-Century Desk - Acorn

This is from West Elm, and can be foundt here.

Which one do you like?

October 27th, 2015

These things are giving me life right now:

Joanna Newsom - credit: Annabel Mehran

Joanna Newsom’s new album, Divers.

Photo 1 of Charcoal And Black Check Knitted Cape

This cape from Topman is blowing my mind.  Find it here.  It is only $60 bucks, and worth every penny.  My boyfriend continues to make fun of me that I try to pull this off.  But fuck it…

June 25, 2014

These beauties are from bedstu.com and are a must have for my Chicago fall fashion… Other than the price ($250.00), these puppies are perfect. However, in efforts to justify, the quality that this company produces is spectacular!! Which makes the price is fairly reasonable!

June 23, 2014

This short story by my favorite author, David Sedaris, is on point. Enjoy:

I have liked Ed Sheeran for a couple of years now, but this song is on point. Thanks for the introduction, court.

This guy:

June 22, 2014


I am obsessed with this headboard!! Once I get my apartment, this will happen!

May 20, 2014

Sperlonga Beach, which is about an hour outside of Rome. I will be here in about a week. I am dying.

The Best Beaches Near Rome

April 29, 2014

One of the best things that has ever, ever, happened to me.

April 25, 2014:

I usually have one thing that I get obsessed with each season, and this summer it is officially declared as THE SUMMER OF SHIRTS! I found this ‘bad-boy’ on www.asos.com, which is a FREAKING AMOZING site. I haven’t bought it yet, because it is a little more than my grad school budget will allow, but I would in a heartbeat.

April 24th, 2014:
With summer quickly upon us, I have been looking for some trunks! Last year, in efforts to embrace my homosexual culture, I decided to get my first pair of, tiny, trunks… So far, I love them. I do, however, wish that this style would come back… Talk about, wear this shit in a heartbeat.


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