Crisis Text Line = Life Shift

My new job is giving me life and that is what this post is about, but let me back up a bit!

In January 2014 (wow, almost two years ago) I spent a significant amount of my energy researching the concept of marriage, which I should post about later… I read books by Elizabeth Gilbert, research by John and Julie Gottman, and reflected on what it meant to me to give my love and life to someone else.   It basically consumed my spare time.

I felt that with my newly acquired knowledge, along with my previous relationship experience, I was ready when/if I were to meet someone. Thankfully, that thoughtfulness prepared me when I meet Nick.

However, if I would have met Nick prior to obtaining that knowledge and experience, I truly don’t think we would have worked.  Obviously, things are all about timing, which isn’t a new concept or one that often acknowledged or appreciated.


Thus, to present day: Crisis Text Line.

I randomly submitted an application for this position after my mom found the posting online.  I of course, consulted with my horoscope here, by Susan Miller.  She is simply the BEST when it comes to guiding me through my astrological life.  Her post referenced a specific date that will be important for me to “invest” into my career, which happened to correspond with the date in which my mother sent me the information regarding the job positing.  Needless to say, I applied.

Fast-forward a bit more, I have the position and I am in New York City for orientation.  Life rocks.

Other than the insanely beautiful work that Crisis Text Line does, which you can check out here, I had the opportunity to meet with the Founder and CEO on my last day of orientation.

Nancy Lublin is her name, and inspiration is her game– which she did a lot of.

Me, along with other newly hired staff, sat in a small conference room at the offices in NYC, which was enclosed by glass walls showing the energetic staff working away and having fun. Like, seriously enjoying their work.

For the record, it is awkward for me to write about her as if I have never met her.  I met her prior to starting my role CTL, in Chicago at a counselor MeetUp where I knew she would be joining.  The counselors, however, did not. When I saw Nancy walk in the door my heart began to beat faster, word vomit began to collect in my brain, and I awkwardly told a volunteer in a sheepish but deeper than usual tone, “There she is.”  To which, the volunteer said, “Oh, yeah,” nonchalantly.

Basically, she over-inspires me… It’s like an inspiration boner, “it got off the couch.”

In our meeting she was equipped with, what appeared to be a real Oreo necklace, which is not pertinent to her inspiration other than the fact it is bad-ass and plastic for the record, and about a 10-sheet printed power-point that she knew by heart.

I will not list or summarize the specific content, because I don’t own shit.  But I will reflect on what it did for me.

The short version, and the very first thing I wrote on my notepad: BDL, which stands for Best Day of my Life, or I could have written BDOML, but that seemed excessive.

“I did it,” I thought.  This day will forever be remembered, as I honestly felt a life shift.  I’ve had these before, of course–Like when I met Nick!  I knew that the timing was right, and I had been preparing myself for over a year.  This was no different.

In that moment of realization, I understood that I had to go through every job, every excruciating experience to be ready for this job, right now.

The meeting was brief and effective.  She breezed through the sheets of paper, which were only provided for our sake because she knew every word printed.

Basically, she wants everyone to be the best work and personal version of themselves.  Which is reflected in their transparent management style and open communication policy know as SBI feedback (Situation, behavior, impact).

Of course, she expanded on other more impressive attitudes, beliefs, and values of the company, but that is not what caused me to drink the Kool Aid, if you will.  I think Gayle King expresses it best while referencing Oprah (Yes, I’m fucking going there.): “While she’s pulling herself up with one hand, she’s always pulling someone else up with the other hand.”


Not only is she doing with her co-workers, she is doing it with the United States population… HELLO. All of the folks that utilize Crisis Text Line!!

Basically, I was convinced.  Once the meeting ended, and Nancy stepped out of the room, I awkwardly asked her co-worker if I could have the printed version of the power-point for both inspiration, and the fact that it was printed in color.

I am not embarrassed of being a fan girl to CTL, or working really hard at a new position, which literally involves me working overnight on weekends.  I am so excited to have this experience and to be apart of a team that is way bigger than any one person.

So that was my recent life shift.  That was my last three days.  This is my reality.




2 thoughts on “Crisis Text Line = Life Shift

  1. Love this & of course 2 observations… Strike that, 3

    Firstly, love the way u give Susan Miller all the credit that maybe she may or may not deserve. As wonderful as she is, As your dad says “I’m just the mom” who foresaw ALL this sh*t…Just had to say that. Although you know I’m kidding (sort of). It’s my job, as your mom, to be a conduit to blessings for you… but anyway…

    .#2: Remember my vision/epiphany whilst under the stars on a cool night. My words: “the last tumbler in the lock clicks into place and the life you always wanted begins”. Your words: “too much pressure!” Lol. Well…. Just sayin’… and finally:

    #3 a. (Yeah, that’s right I thought of another one). U know I told u at the beginning that NL was a badass & that I pretty much had a girl crush. If ever I can meet her, I’d love the chance & finally,
    b. You are a great writer & if I haven’t told u lately how Proud of u I am, I will say it now: “Sooo proud of you”.
    PS. As you know, but others may not, Im scheduled to begin my training as a CTL counselor on December 1st It’s a commitment of 4 hrs per week that will literally change and possibly save someone’s life. If you’d like to join me in this new adventure please ask me r Garrett how to apply. The end. Yo Momma.

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