Chicago, here I come

Well blog-buddies, it’s official: The black plague was found in Mexico… And I am moving to Chicago. Soon.

Some recent events that led to this decision are sad and painful, but I am choosing to focus on the other, more positive, events. So much of my life has been about opportunity and choosing to make decisions based in love and life, and not in fear. I like to think that I create my own opportunity. Of course, someone or circumstances may alter my path but I am choosing to see the light… Which is a result of me, and no one else.

In short, an opportunity presented itself for me to move to Chicago, and with a lot of work (A LOT OF WORK TO DO BEFORE I MOVE), I am going to take it.

To some this decision may seem rash or incautious, but that is simply untrue. I feel confident and truly honored that the universe has reexamined my virtues and has decided to present me with another opportunity to move. I remember having similar feelings several years ago with my now ex-boyfriend, Cyril. He was possibly the only man I have been hopelessly in love with. We dated briefly many years before he reconnected with me, and after our first ending I never thought I would have another opportunity to communicate with him. But I did get another opportunity 😉 That is the weird thing about the universe: You never know what it has waiting for you.

So, much like Cyril, I have another opportunity–the universe is not done with me. Or I am not done with it? I can quickly become consumed with existentialism, which I spare my reader from.

In preparations for my big move I have created a “dream board.” It is very simplistic and boring.. or bording.. pun intended. It is as follows:

1) Cope
2) Finish all work
3) Apply for, then obtain job
4) Italy
5) Move to Chicago

The first, and most important is: cope. It is no secret that I often suppress the emotional components of my life and only proceed with the behavioral aspects. Actually, I have seen this a lot in my clinical practice. People, myself included, are inherently survivors; it is very interesting, actually. For instance, consider a survivor of severe sexual trauma. Essentially the brain shuts down the survivors emotions and allows the individual (yes allows) to disassociate from the trauma– thus, giving them the ability to survive. Extremity aside, humans protect themselves from difficult emotions.

This is why coping is so important to me. I need to give myself, and others, time to cope with this huge transition. I know I can do the behavioral pieces, it is the emotional component that I need to be cognizant of.

The other pieces of my dream board are fairly self-explanatory. So, if anyone reading this knows of anyone hiring mental health professionals in the Chicago area, please let me know! **Shameless plug** Isn’t that what a blog is? Unapologetic self promotion?

Windy City, here I come!



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