Letter to future self

Dear future self,

I am writing this letter as a reminder that things will be exactly where they are supposed to be. That broad statement is intended to be vague, which is a lesson I hope you’ve learned by now. I’m usually not one for motivational quotes or stereotypical advice, but you really can’t make a plan because the universe will laugh at you. Goals of course, make tons– But no plans. General advice and thoughts about your past, present, and future:

1. You will be working at a job that you’re passionate about and good at. This job will also be challenging and engaging. If you’re not on the way to becoming a director of something then get on track; you will make a great boss, just don’t over think it. Remember what your first employee told you? She said there are three types of bosses: the brains, hands, and hearts. She explained that she has had each type of boss, and that you are a combination of all three. Keep being all three. Never forget your humanistic approach to life and to people.

2. Your family. I don’t know where you will be living, or with whom you will be living with, but remember your yoga mantra: “Do not move in fear, move in love and in joy.” If you aren’t currently doing so, I want you to consciously make decisions rooted in love and joy. Fear based decisions make you needy and insecure, so stop it. Also remember that you spent most of your twenties exploring the different versions of yourself– don’t lose that. Life is a fluid process and so is love. Remember to work in union with your partner, and that each day is just a small percentage of your life. Remember to laugh. A lot. Also, continue to find things in common with that person, while maintaining your sense of self. Sharing your life with someone is a gift, not a requirement. Meaning that this is your human experience, you just decided to share it with someone. This should keep you humble and thankful for whomever you decided to be with, from a love based decision of course.

Hopefully, if it’s two years down the road, children are being brought into conversations. Never forget that you want to have children, but let them happen organically. I feel that my future self, much like my current self, would insert a joke about the idea of gays having children organically– you know what I mean, grow up. Actually, don’t grow up. Keep it weird. Let it fly, always let it fly. I want my kids to be weird and not freaked about by death. Because somewhere in death, there is life. Teach your children how to dream, yet help facilitate the process.

3. Travel. I know you love traveling so keep doing it. I’m not too worried about this part of your life, so keep up the good work.

Overall, I want you to remember the period of time when you were in the waiting room. Note to future self: you will always be in a waiting room, just different ones. Remember to be mindful and enjoy the wait, because that’s where all your life will be. The older you get the more control you will have with who is allowed in this waiting room, so make purposeful decisions. Finally, remember to fill your life with decisions made in love and joy.

G. 28 years old.


One thought on “Letter to future self

  1. Hi there,
    I just wanted to say thank you for writing this blog. I found it tonight (and this entry specifically) because I did a google search for “quote ‘do not move in fear'” in an attempt to find the author to “Do not move in fear. Move in love; move in joy”, and this was the only relevant search result. The teacher of a yin yoga class I went to this evening shared that quote during class. It spoke to me because I’ve been struggling with an acute amount of fear of failure lately, though it is something which has permeated much of my life. I read this whole post and recognized myself in it – the way I often journal as if my future self were having a conversation with my present self, reminding me of my strengths and bringing me back down to earth when my neurotic thoughts carry me too far away from reality. When I read to the bottom and saw that you signed it “G. 28 years old”, I must say I teared up. I turned 28 last month. Sometimes I have judgemental thoughts about the fact that I’m in my late twenties and really just beginning the career path I want to be on. I recently moved to a new city for a university program (the last two years of my bachelor of social work – I noticed you’re a social worker 🙂 ). It’s been overwhelming and intimidating in a lot of ways, but I know it’s where I want to be. It makes me happy to know that there are people like yourself out there who seem to see and experience the world in ways I can relate to, and who continue to have hope and confidence. So thank you for being you, and for sharing that with the world.
    P.S. I love Brené Brown and the way she speaks about vulnerability. I’ve watched her Ted Talks but not yet read her books; now I think I must.

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