Does gay marriage affect you, personally?

Hello everyone!

I’m wondering what everyone thinks about gay marriage!  I looking to hear different people’s opinion and how the passage of gay marriage would affect you.  I would like to keep everything open minded and respectful.

Please post your comments!


Garrett Paul


2 thoughts on “Does gay marriage affect you, personally?

  1. I voted NO and then immediately had voter’s remorse. My initial thought was, “I mean I’m not gay so it wouldn’t affect me personally”. The more I thought about it, I think it would affect me personally. If you got married I would gain a cousin and if you adopted babies then Anna and Marley would have more little cousins to grow up with. I made tons of memories with all of my cousins growing up, so I think I’ll go ahead and say yes I think I would be affected personally by gay marriage (in a very positive way). I just don’t understand the opposition. Although I’m one of the most opinionated person I know, I have truly learned with age that I gain so much from accepting people no matter what. Just accept and be happy for others when they are happy.

    1. Wow, Dana! I got teary eyed. That was very sweet. I’ve always felt so loved and different from my family at the same time. The older I get, the more I don’t care about my difference and focus only on the love. I think it takes people a long time to realize that they need to accept people for who they are, so I appreciate that you’ve learned that lesson so young.

      My original goal when I posted this was just to get people to start thinking about how gay marriage affected them. It’s important to reflect about why such emotional situations cause such reactions in oneself. I believe people should reflect why they are for or against something. It’s a simple concept, but effective. Just thinking, “Why do I dislike this?” “How will it affect me, or my family?”

      Any ho, I know I’ve told you how much I look up to you 😉 Thanks for being a great role model. And for the record, you’re the most opinionated person i know, too!

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