The stove top of life.

Hello Vodka. It’s me, Garrett.

I usually would go into the reasons why I have been away for so long and what I’ve been up to, but this time I’m not.  Hopefully, with several weeks off of school, I will find some inspiration to start writing again.  Maybe I will even write about what I’ve been up to since November? It’s not that exciting, anyway.

I just started reading “Let Explore Diabetes with Owls”, by David Sedaris.  David is one of my favorite authors.  He typically writes witty short stories and essays about his life; mainly his childhood.  He is sort of a role model for me, so I like to stay tuned into what he is up to.  If you’ve ever seen Strangers with Candy, or anything with Amy Sedaris in it, you will understand how weird his family is.  He has a very dry sense of humor and writes very well.

Even though I enjoy his work dearly, it is not something I read to feel enlightened.  For that I normally turn to Oprah or Chelsea Handler, not David Sedaris.  That is why I was surprised to find parts of his book quite deep.

During one of his short stories David recalls some wisdom that a good friend once told him.  She said,  life is like an stove top with four burners; one burner represents family, the other is work, then friends, and finally love life.  In order for your life to go well one out of the four burners must be dimmed.  If you want your life to go great, two need to be off.  Now, I love an imagery.  But let’s face it, duh.  As my mom often says, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”  Even if this isn’t a new concept, I really appreciate this pearl to knowledge.  If anything, it helped me categorize 4 major parts of my life, and I was able to reflect on which parts of my stove top I am neglecting, and which ones I’m fueling.

Of course, I don’t like being told I must do “x” in order to get “y”.  I’m more of a, you may do “x” and end up with “y”, but let’s throw in “Z” and see what happens, kind of gal.  I try and live my life centered around balance.  Obviously, I have not been able to find that balance I seek, but hopefully one day I will be able to have all four burners on.

Hopefully, I’ll post soon.



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