Jack and Jill — A 500 short story exercise!

I thought of this before I went to bed last night.  Probably why I didn’t sleep well. :/  It’s silly, and morbid.

Jack and Jill

By: Garrett Shotwell

The day was crisp as Jill slowly inhaled the morning air.  She gazed into the distance, glaring towards the Colorado snow caps and dense forests which were the skyline of her backyard.  Today was her day; she was 17 years old and the queen of the 1963 Brookhollows’ homecoming dance.  Jill was no stranger to popularity; her classmates always voted her prettiest, which was the undeniable truth.  She was the prettiest, inside and out, at least by small town standards.

Jill believed that her gifts required certain amounts of responsibilities, which is why she required her cheer squad to complete community service activities.  In the middle of her freshman year, at a visit at the local nursing home, Jill became close to the most desired bachelor at her high school, Jack.  The two quickly became the couple everyone envied.  They were inseparable.  Though, Jill seemed to have everything she could wish for, she clung to her deep-rooted values, one of which, was her desire to stay pure until marriage.

Jack retrieved Jill, and her twin brother, Robert, at exactly 8:00pm.  Jack, being a natural leader on the football field, seamlessly navigated though the conversation with Jill’s father, promising to have her home at exactly 11:00pm.  Jack also agreed to ‘no funny business’, which, of course, was out of Jill’s earshot.

During the drive up the mountain in Jack’s 1958 Chevy convertible, Jill was filled with excitement, occasionally yelping a playful shout while raising her arms towards the treetops.  Robert quietly rode in the backseat, yearning to be invisible.  Jack, also, sat quietly, yearning for something very different.

To Jill, this dance represented her entire life, thus far.  It was meant to be magical.  After receiving their respective crowns, they were separated.  Jill’s best friend, Lucy, wanted pictures.  However, it didn’t take long for Jill to find her missing counterpart.  They met at the punch bowl.

Jack said, “Where have you been, little lady?”

Blushing, Jill responded, “Being courteous, as always, my king.”  At this point, Jill burst into uncontrollable laughter and rushed into Jack’s open arms.

“Let’s waste this joint”, Jack said.

Although, Jill briefly considered it, she said, “I could never! My brother is with us! Besides, where would we go?”

Jack said, “You know what I want.”

Jill knew that Jack had a nasty temper on the football field, but the way his square jaw-line clinched, and his strong arms became fierce, her flirty blushing quickly turned into anger.

Jack discreetly, or so he thought, pulled Jill to the parking lot.  Jack, forcibly, pushed Jill against the trunk of his car.  Jack’s strong hands were covering Jill’s mouth, while he frantically disrobed her.  Tears began to fall down Jill’s breathless face, as Robert came barreling out of the dance hall.  In one quick motion, Robert tackled Jack, which sent him flailing down the mountainside.  Jill, blinded by fear, quickly chased her young love.

After rolling down 50 feet of rocky terrain, Jack laid on his back, gasping for his last breaths, which were shortened by the disfigured body that came tumbling after.


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