Sexy at 90: physical health

Ian always says he wants to be sexy at 90, and quite frankly, I think it’s an amazing idea.

A few months ago a old man came up to me at the gym and started talking. I personally believe that anytime an older person wants to talk to you, listen. It is our responsibility as younger people to give them that respect. Turns out this war veteran was 94 and just found out that he was cancer free for 10 years! According to him, this is how he did it:

1) Working out
2) Volunteering

Sexy at 90 will consist of different tips that can help you live a very fulfilled life; hopefully, all the way to 90!

Tip #1: If you can’t taste it, don’t waste it!

If its ordering a sandwich for lunch or preparing your dinner, try and think about what ingredients that are high in calories that you can live without. For example, if you have a sandwich for lunch, try and make it without the cheese. That can save you about 100 calories, or more, depending on the type of sandwich!

If the taste doesn’t define the meal, and you can’t taste it, DON’T waste it (the calories)!

Sexy at 90, here I come!


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