Austin, Texas!

What did I do last weekend: WENT TO AUSTIN TO VISIT VANESSA!!! As always, she filled my love bucket to the rim and left me thirsty for more. This was a much needed weekend getaway. The weeks prior were just daunting, as if I was in a constant fist fight with the fog. So, on Friday morning Ian and I made the trip to the land of stars and cowboy hats.

This trip was an important step in Ian and I’s relationship because it determined if we traveled well together, and if you know me at all, I LOVE traveling. Well folks, it was a huge success; not that I doubted it in the least. Which leads me to my next point: Ian. If you don’t feel like reading about a gushy love story, now’s the time to close the page.

Dare I say, “I’m in love”? To be completely honest, I think it’s happening. With Ian, I feel like I threw myself off a mile-high bridge with no bungee cord to yank me back. I’ve landed on a cloud-like substance of happiness, where I’m just floating from corner to corner with no cares or doubts. I’m filled with inspiration and joy. I know this feeling of love for two reasons: 1) I want to be the best version of myself. I’m even considering the thought of getting Ph.D (after my masters of course). I want work harder in every aspect of my life and my goals are being reaffirmed, daily. 2) I want to do everything possible to make Ian’s life as happy as it can be. Simple.

So while my passions are reinstated so is my desire to serve another human being. That’s a hard balance to achieve, and I feel like it’s happening to me.

Going to Austin only cemented my thoughts above… And I got Vanessa’s stamp of approval… Actually, I was told that she is going to fight me for him.. Sorry Ness, I’d hate to have to mail you Anthrax, but I will do what is necessary.

Below are some pics from our time in Austin… I love that city!!! Each day is a blessing, live big, I know I am.


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