Well folks, here it is! Number 5 of my 2011 bucket list!

Skydiving was one of the most euphoric moments I’ve ever experienced, despite my discombobulated face 🙂 The best part about it is I never thought I’d ever go skydiving. Which made me think, “I never thought I’d do a lot of things”.

I never thought I’d:

graduate undergrad- let alone start grad school
come out the closet
get tattoos
go skydiving
have such amazing friends
love life this much
fall in love
get my heart broken
be divorced
create an entire new image every chance I get
try pot
be in love with my dog, more than most humans
write as much as I do
be in a movie
etc. etc.

The point is: I never thought I’d have such a fruitful life. Reflecting over my hardest trials, it is clear that I was trying to control too many aspects of my existences; which in hindsight, is just silly. Of course, I’m an advocate of making & completing goals (almost to a fault), but there is a reason we weren’t born with instruction manuals. Which, thanks to a very dear friend, I learned that lesson at a young age.

Life’s funny that way. Sometimes, its just easier to appreciate every moment, because after all, the rest is just details. So try and live this messy life with your ears flapping in the wind and a song in your heart, I do.

Dedicated to Vanessa & Beauman.

Garrett Paul



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