Well, the Big Easy did it again!

This. Weekend. Was. Wonderful!

Does anyone remember how I made such a big stink about having more defining moments? Moments that make me think, “Wow, this is my life?” Well, check out the defining moments tab on my blog… And I had another one!

As Maggie and I were taking a bike ride through the historic subdivisions of New Orleans, I thought to myself, “here I am, I’m suppose to be here, I love every second of this, how can this can’t be my life?” Along with the overwhelming feeling of happiness, I found it necessary to relay my feelings to Maggie. In a weird unison, Maggie and I said, “I love you”, which was followed by a burst of laughter as we slowly cruised the broken streets of Uptown.

After Andrew died, I decided to start telling everyone how much I appreicate or love them. It’s funny how such a simple task can be taken for granted. I’ve recently told mere acquaintances how much I love them. Yes, the degree is much less, than let’s say Maggie, but I do love them.

Along with my, new found, creepy expression of feeling, another undeniable feeling has been larking around my mind: If I died today, I’m ready. I’m not trying to be morbid, which I am; I’m just saying that I appreciate my life. There isn’t one day that I don’t wake up thankful and appreciative for the time I have already received. This is the main reason I spent two full days in a city that I knew I wouldn’t be productive with school or work. Who cares, life’s too short…

In efforts to avoid divulging anyone’s personal information, I’ll post this timeline of events:

running hugs, slice, coffee, wonderful wonderful conversation, amazement, beer, lost cigarets, HUGE balloons, lost jobs, flu, lost keys, laughter, stupid movies, more love, nom nom, long walks, long bike rides, red bull, nervousness, martinis, more nervousness, drink, drink, drunk, defining moments, french fries, wine, wow- for reals? it can’t be, making out, too personal to disclose……… wonderful breakfast, missing mag pie!

I love you, Maggie!


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