Back to Black

Well, self… I’m back!

I’ve taken a few days to myself, and within that period, I’ve been very productive… Drinking that is. One thing that I do know about myself, is that I work best under pressure. I KNOW I got this habit from my mother, unintentionally of course.

I can remember being very young and going to work with my mom and it seemed that every corner she turned (I know because I was right under her feet), someone wanted something of more importance than the last person. On top work stress, she had to deal with raising four boys (My dad, younger and older brother & myself). She handled everything gracefully while exuding strength, but the poor thing never rested. She is a very strong woman and the sole reason I’m great at multitasking and waiting until the last minute. But I can’t blame her. Growing up observing her stress levels I noticed there were never any previous minutes, only the ones we were missing. So, this is exactly why I thrive under pressure, even if it’s self induced.

With this, instead of preparing for the spring semester or working twice as hard at my jobs, I’ve been drinking. At least I’ve been able to connect better with Amy Winehouse. That’s a plus, right? She turned out okay. Well, until she died. Regardless, I’ve enjoyed myself. But, alas it’s back to the grind. I start school on Wednesday and thus ends my social life. But I won’t let it get me down, because much like the late Amy Winehouse, I’ve stocked up on tons of cocaine… Okay, so maybe I’m not quite in the right mindset, but I’m working on it. The mere fact that I’m putting this much attention into a blog post gives me hope… So does adderall.

In conclusion, I’m looking forward to another exciting semester of learning. I’m especially excited about my Diversity class this semester. I’m still finishing up my 2012 bucket list, even though I’ve already started knocking things off! Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be more focused and driven, just in time for the 2012 Baton Rouge Art Gallery Surrealist Ball (can we say parrtay)!

Garrett Paul


2 thoughts on “Back to Black

  1. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, myself. I know so many people who move through life steadily and powerfully, but I know that if I lived that way I'd never be able to be intensely present in any given moment. All my energy would be constantly spread evenly to all necessary points of contact. At the same time, in addition to intensity of joy, I have a lot of moments filled with intensity of stress and anxiety. What's the right answer? Neither, probably. Maybe both. – Nunya

  2. You always make me smile…. I remember that precious little boy who sometimes was so under my feet that I wanted to scream & hug at the same time… it sometimes even felt as if you wanted to climb into my skin… but it's all part of the sensitive person you are..always so in tune with who you are & what's going on with those around you… intuitive by nature…makes me happy that you are now living your truth…and that you spend time in reflection… it's one of those things I forget to do, but you always remind me. love you mttss!!

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