Sooo what I’ve been up to?

Well, not much. Actually, I’ve been consuming a lot of wine, sofa time, breads and Kathy Griffin. That’s right bitches, I’ve been spending my time in France on the freaking sofa. This is a result of several reasons: technically it’s my vacation (so suck it), its been raining, and I’m kinda depressed – for the record, being depressed in France is much like being depressed in the US, only I don’t feel guilty about all the calories. Sooo for all those people who feel guilt after every meal (guilty!), the answer is to eat in a different country. Overall, my experience is wonderful, I’m just not used to being in such a different place.

What to look forward to:
1) Going to Amien, France for a Christmas party… Look out, no one will understand me, so I can get wasted and ramble without anyone judging me. Win!
2) Going to Paris, at the end of next week! Another win!
3) More calories.


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