Year of mediocrity, at best.

I started this year with the notion that it would be mediocre, at best. Between coming out of the closet, job loss and desperately trying to find my place in this world, 2010 was one of my toughest years. With my low expectations for 2011, I didn’t leave any room for disappointment. Frankly, my last 5 years have been somewhat challenging. Although, something strange happened this year. Something very out of the norm. I’m happy. After years of self-reflection and soul searching, I’ve found my happiness. I’m typically not very boastful, but isn’t that what blogs are for? Narcissism = Popular. Much like, Vampire = Popular. Same concept.

Even though my intentions aren’t to brag about my life, or even have followers; it’s merely about, me. It’s my life. The good and the bad, that I want to document. If you can’t handle reading about topics that range from pay-per-mile tax* to anal sex, then you should probably follow another blog.

With the disclosures out of the way, let’s start!

If you’re like, I’m a very visual person. So, at my lowest point last year I made a bucket list. I wrote it in permanent marker on the back of a painting. I figured the harder it was to erase, the more likely I would accomplish the items. At the very bottom of the painting, I put: Pursuit of Happiness.

I believe, that one’s happiness is constantly changing and evolving. One of my favorite lyrics is from Fiona Apple’s “Extraordinary Machine”: “I’m good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop changing all the time”.

Normalcy freaks me out. If my life is “text book”, then I’ve disappointed myself.

Enjoy your time here!




One thought on “Year of mediocrity, at best.

  1. In Eat Pray Love (a book you should read!) Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how happiness is something that, once we find it, we can't take it for granted. We have to be diligent about keeping it "in shape" – makes sense to me! Here's to your happiness my friend…. the best is yet to come!

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